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Global Studies Honors Program


The purpose of the Global Studies Honors Program at Rocky Mount Academy is to prepare students for a globally competitive world by providing opportunities to examine global issues through in depth study of foreign language, science, social studies, and literature, as well as to provide exposure to other cultures through collaborative projects, travel, and exchange programs.

High school students who choose to pursue the Global Studies Honors Program will be rewarded with not only travel opportunities and in depth study of foreign language, history, science, and collaborative community service projects, but will also graduate with a Global Studies Honor Certificate and Global Studies Honor Cord from Rocky Mount Academy. Final certification will be contingent upon the successful completion of the program requirements and approval by the Global Studies Faculty Team.

Program Requirements:
  • Available for students in rising grades 9-11.
  • Apply to the Global Studies Program upon completion of the summer reading assignment: JF Rischard’s, High Noon: 20 global problems, 20 years to solve them. 
  • Demonstrate an in depth understanding of another culture by participating in one of the following immersion activities while in high school: international travel through RMA annual summer trip or other approved program*, study abroad, experience through approved program*, host foreign student before graduation through approved program*, mission trip to foreign country (through school, church, exchange program)*
  • Study three years of a foreign language (minimum)
  • Be a member and active participant in a school sponsored service club – (examples: International Club, AFYA, Key Club, STARS program). Documentation provided by club sponsor.
  • Complete at least one of the following courses: H Spanish 4, H French 4, Marine Biology, AP US Government and Politics, AP Comparative Government, AP Economics /, AP Environmental Science, AP European History
  • Or complete three of the following trimester courses: NC Coastal Marine Biology, Botany, Zoology, Ecology, World Religions, Documentary Filmmaking in a Global World, Latin American Literature
  • Serve 15 volunteer hours related to a global issue of the student’s choosing. These hours are above and beyond the required 50 hours for graduation. Ideally, volunteer work should be done in an area which supports the student’s final capstone project on a global issue.
  • Present a senior capstone project* – Seniors will complete a final project based on the student’s interest and study of a global issue. Capstone project options include one of the following: Problem Solving Paper (8 page minimum), Documentary Film (8 minute minimum), Speech or Presentation (15 minute minimum)

*Final approval is made by the Global Studies Committee.


Hadley Dempsey Gross