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At Rocky Mount Academy, faculty and staff enjoy working at an educational institution targeted at college-bound students who are anxious to do well in school and learn how to succeed in college. And, the faculty enjoys working with one another. With 32 students, on average, in each grade, and 16-19 students in each class, the faculty has the opportunity to work closely with the students, give them extra attention in the classroom, and get to know each of their strengths and weaknesses in that subject area. With the student body very focused on "the brass ring," RMA teachers can do what they got in the business to do -- teach.

Faculty members also get to know the students on other levels when they serve as coaches, club advisors, and generally mentor the students through their years at RMA. It is rewarding to teach in a PK-12th grade school where one can watch his or her former students continue to achieve in later years.

The Board of Trustees, along with the parent base, believes that, in order to attract and retain the best faculty, RMA must offer competitive salaries and benefits. These areas will be discussed with you during the interview process.


We invite you to check out the job openings currently available. Unless otherwise noted, submit your resume or RMA Employment Application by mail or email to:


Beth Murphy
Rocky Mount Academy
1313 Avondale Avenue Rocky Mount, NC 27803
No phone calls please


Rocky Mount Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.