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Turner Westray Battle, RMA Founding Chairman


Rocky Mount Academy was born under the guidance of Turner Westray Battle.  He along with a group of local businessmen founded Rocky Mount Academy in 1968.  Battle served as Chairman of the Board for six years, ending his membership shortly before his death.    Under his leadership, RMA was fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1973.  Battle’s loyalty and love for young people and a strong belief in sound educational practices led Rocky Mount Academy to a position of educational prominence and has provided the Rocky Mount community with a quality college preparatory school.   

The 1974 Eyrie yearbook was dedicated to Turner Battle for his unselfish dedication to the ideals and high purposes of Rocky Mount Academy to provide academic excellence in insuring its students a quality college preparatory education.  Mr. Battle’s dedication to the success of RMA provided the path we continue to follow today. Because of his endless commitment, he left the school strong and vibrant.  We continue to be grateful to him for his commitment and loyalty to Rocky Mount Academy. 

Mr. Battle attended school at Stauton Military Academy in Virginia, Severn Preparatory School in Maryland, and the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis.  He served his nation as a Naval Officer during World War II, and earned five battle stars in the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre.  He was the Executive Director of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation from 1959 until his death in July, 1974. 

Turner Battle’s passion and dedication to Rocky Mount Academy has continued after his death by providing scholarships to Rocky Mount Academy students.  Fellow board members established the Turner W. Battle Scholarship in his honor after his death. This is the oldest and largest Scholarship Fund at Rocky Mount Academy. To date, over 200 students have received scholarship funds. The current trustees appointed to oversee the scholarship trust are Battle’s son, Richard Battle, Mary Beth Crawford,  along with David Warren, and Jeffrey Batts, both from the 1977 graduating class. 

The criteria for receiving the Turner W. Battle Scholarship are leadership, scholarship, college potential, and school spirit.

2021-2022 Turner W. Battle Recipients

The 2021 recipients are pictured with three of the four Trustees of the Turner W. Battle Scholarship; David Warren, Richard Battle (son of Turner W. Battle), Mari Robin Tharin (11th), Wells Hutson (11th), Darshan Patel (11th), Isaac Lewis (11th), Mary Hanna Bryant (12th), and Mary Beth Crawford.


Turner W. Battle Scholarship Recipients



Mari Robin Tharin, Wells Hutson, Darshan Patel, Isaac Lewis, Mary Hanna Bryant


 Mary Edith Cox, Porter Petruzziello, Virginia Feagans, Christian Sawyer, and Ezra Moore

Abigail Newcomb, Caleb Chesis, Virginia Grey Newton, Shelton Honey

Colby Freeman, Haley McCall, Georgia Morris, Emory Pittman

Colby Freeman, Georgia Morris, Elias Moore, Alexis Reams 
Emily Cheston, Colby Freeman, Julia High, Paul King, Elias Moore, Anna Scott Wingfield
Emily Cheston, Julia High, Kyle Holland, Paul King, Mackenzie Thompson, Anna Scott Wingfield
Emily Cheston, Julia High, Kyle Holland, Claire Stanovich, Mackenzie Thompson, Anna Scott Wingfield
Noel Allen, Anderson O’Brien, Julia High, Matthew Young, Claire Stanovich, Mackenzie Thompson
Noel Allen, Allison Barnes, Seth Penwell, Emma Grace Sprinkle, McLean Warren, Anderson O’Brien
Lee Arnold, Ashley Bissette, Meg Deyton, Megan Griffin, Raven Norton, Nicholas Place, AnnClaire Roberson, Oliva Roberson
Michael Bissette, Chris Jenkins, Ashlyn Jackson, Nicholas Place, Lee Arnold, Erin Sherk, Ayat Soufan, Emily Williams, Olivia Roberson
Amanda Daniels, Megan Griffin, Nicholas Place, Olivia Roberson, Isabel Rommel, Erin Sherk, Emily Williams
Amanda Daniels, Megan Griffin, Nicholas Place, Erin Sherk, Emily Williams, Chris Yenney
Megan Griffin, Emily Williams, Amanda Daniels, Chris Koszelak, Peyton McDaniel, Nicholas Place, Stuart Sanderson, Erin Sherk
Harrison Mitchell, Brittany Tharrington, Amanda Daniels, Chris Koszelak, Peyton McDaniel
Harrison Mitchell, Brittany Tharrington, Chris Koszelak, Peyton McDaniel
Brittany Tharrington, Harrison Mitchell, Kristina Scarbel
Brittany Tharrington, Bailey Lumley, Jay Tilley, Jenny Kornegay
John Sheffield, Jay Tilley, Brittany Tharrington, Bailey Lumley, Jonathon Heacox
Jared Hurwitz, Bailey Lumley, Jonathan Heacox, John Sheffield, Jay Tilley
Jared Hurwitz, John Sheffield, Daniel Collins, Marquita DeBerry, William Geanes, Jennifer Hall, Valoree Hill, Jay Tilley, Will Thorne
Casey Bell, Jared Hurwitz, John Sheffield, Brandi White
Casey Bell, Wesley Mangum, Brandi White
Casey Bell, Ben Hurwitz, Kellie Hammel, Kristen Handley, Katie Bunting, Brandi White
Kellie Hammel, Marshall Boykin, Casey Bell, Ben Hurwitz
Kellie Hammel, Jennifer Locke, Rebecca Pettit, Marshall Boykin, Tommy Jenkins
Rebecca Pettit, Jennifer Locke, Tommy Jenkins, Kellie Hammel, Marshall Boykin
Marshall Boykin, Jennifer Locke, Tim Foster, Will Bailey, Tommy Jenkins, Worth Joyner, Rebecca Petit
Kevin Geanes, Tim Foster, Worth Joyner, Will Bailey, Carrie Burrows, Marshall Boykin
Carrie Burrows, Justin Blayock, Kevin Geanes, Tim Foster
Kevin Geanes, Bill Roeder, Tabitha Harrison, Mary Lytton
Donna Woodruff, Mary Lytton, Tabitha Harrison, Al Lytton
Al Lytton, Mary Lytton, Tabitha Harrison, Donna Woodruff
Donna Woodruff, Al Lytton, Tabitha Harrison
Paul Mehle, Donna Woodruff
Kyle Hudson, Paul Mehle, Donna Woodruff

Kyle Hutson, Paule Mehle, David Sears, Tina Sears, Donna Woodruff
Kyle Hudson, Paul Mehle, Donna Woodruff

Christian Holland, Paul Mehle, Jeff Mosley, Billy Williams
Christian Holland, Jeff Mosley, Kimber Price, Billy Williams

Tommy Whatley

Christian Holland, Russell Ward, Tommy Whatley
Jerry Allsbrook, Bobby, Freuler, Christian Holland, Hannah Holland, Laura Holland, Andrew Hong, Jeremy Johnson, David Tye, Barbara Weatherly
Jerry Allsbrook, Bobby Freuler, David Tye, Barbara Weatherly, Jimmy Whatley, Billy Williams
Jerry Allsbrook



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