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Middle School Dean of Students


Angela Langley: Dean of Students - 6th Grade

Ms. Langley joined the RMA staff in 2016 as a third grade teacher, however her time with RMA spans over 15 years as a parent of an RMA graduate, Matthew '21.  Angela is excited to share her love of math and passion for working with middle school students in her role as Dean!  She especially loves the curiosity, inventiveness, and energy sixth graders bring to the classroom! Angela received her BS in Applied Mathematics and Physical Chemistry from Appalachian State University and completed her MBA at Campbell University.  In her spare time she loves to travel with friends and family.


Debbie Viverette: Dean of Students - 7th Grade

Mrs. Viverette came to RMA in 2008 as a middle school social studies teacher. She is excited to have the opportunity to work with students and families this year as the seventh grade Dean! With her passion for history, culture, and current events, she strives always to engage and inspire her students. She loves the independence, enthusiasm, and sense of humor of middle school students. She appreciates middle school as a time of dramatic social, emotional, physical, and academic growth as students are beginning to develop an understanding of themselves and others. Committed to building relationships, she will dedicate herself to fostering a safe and welcoming environment where all students feel included, supported, and challenged. Debbie earned her BS in Business Administration from Barton College, her BA in Psychology from NC Wesleyan University, and her M.Ed at Campbell University. In her spare time, she can be found spending time with her husband (an RMA alumnus) and their furbaby, or reading a good book!


Ivey Powell: Dean of Students - 8th Grade

I am a proud graduate of Pirate Nation (East Carolina University) and earned a master’s degree from Grand Canyon University. With 30 years of experience in education, from classroom teaching to instructional technology coach to instructional coach, I bring various views of the educational setting to the Middle School at RMA. As Dean of the Eighth Grade, I am looking forward to leading and assisting the students and staff, focusing on their desire to be the best version of themselves.


Explanation of Grading System

Academic assessment in the Middle School uses percentile averages that are based on the following criteria:

90 – 100    Indicates that a student is excelling in several if not all of the following: skill development, application of skills, sustained and effective use of knowledge, frequent contribution to class discussion, and initiative by going well beyond standard requirements and expectations.

80 – 89      Indicates that a student is excelling in fulfilling requirements and expectations in some areas and displaying competence in many areas.

70 – 79      Indicates that a student is satisfactorily fulfilling the requirements and expectations, sometimes exceeding or falling below them.

65 – 69      Indicates that a student is not satisfactorily fulfilling the requirements and expectations in many areas.

Below 65   Indicates that a student is not fulfilling basic requirements and expectations.


Honor Roll and Special Honors

The Honor Roll celebrates the high level of academic achievement earned by our students and serves as encouragement for continuing to strive for academic excellence. All honor roll students receive personal recognition from the school for their success. 

Trimester Awards: At the end of each twelve weeks, the following awards are given: 

Headmaster's List: Students have earned a 90 or above average in each course for the trimester. 

High Honors: An overall grade average of 90 or above, with no individual course average below 70. 

Honors: An overall grade average of 80 or above, with no individual course average below 70. 

Yearly Awards: At the end of the school year, the final honor rolls will be named. 

Straight A Honor Roll: No trimester grade below 90 in any course. This will not include exams. 

A Average Honor Roll: The average of all courses of 90 or above with no individual course average below 70 at year’s end. 

B Average Honor Roll: The average of all courses of 80 or above with no individual course average below 70 at year’s end. 

The Headmaster’s Award: Given at the end of the year in each grade to the student with the highest academic average in all graded courses after proper weighting. Failing a course or an exam for any grading period makes a student ineligible for any yearly honor roll. To be eligible to receive the Headmaster’s or departmental awards, a student must have been enrolled a minimum of half a year at Rocky Mount Academy.

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