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Our mission is to provide an inclusive academic and social school experience for students ages 5-21. At Rocky Mount Academy, we aim to support a culture in which the student has access and is able to participate in the total school environment, wherein they have the ability to grow and succeed, while fostering independent living skills.


In August of 2021, Rocky Mount Academy opened its doors to students in grades 6-12, with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. In August of 2022, the Exceptional Children’s Program expanded to serve students K-5. Furthermore, in August of 2023, Rocky Mount Academy’s Exceptional Children’s Program implemented the third and final division, middle school. The Exceptional Children’s Program at Rocky Mount Academy prides itself on offering an inclusive environment wherein all get to experience the exciting things that RMA has to offer. Students are offered an individualized education (through person-centered planning) in a self-contained setting that works to foster their academic and independent living skills. Students participate collaboratively in school and community-wide service projects. Weekly, students travel to the local YMCA for swimming lessons, as well as participating in Special Olympics. In December of 2022, Rocky Mount Academy became a Unified Champion School through Special Olympics of North Carolina. Rocky Mount Academy’s Exceptional Children’s Program continues to abundantly enrich the lives of all individuals school wide.


Things to know about our Exceptional Eagles.....

  • Is the first traditional private school in our area to have an Exceptional Children’s program. RMA has a lower, middle, and upper school division.
  • 25% of our students have siblings in regular education at RMA.
  • Hosts a Stronger Together Club wherein students of all abilities participate in monthly activities together.
  • Delivers Meals on Wheels once a month
  • Special education program has student interns in each division in the EC classrooms

April Whitehead
Exceptional Children's Director

Hadley Gross
Director of Admissions
(252) 443-4126

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