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Academic Success Center



The mission of Rocky Mount Academy is to prepare students for the challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities they will encounter in life and college. RMA is committed to offering a rigorous curriculum to students in the traditional classroom setting, and to offering additional academic support to students as needed.






Q & A

Any student, regardless of ability or achievement, may enter the program.

Yes, by a Learning Resource tutor.  The Reading and Writing Lab is a 1-4 teacher to student ratio.

The Reading and Writing Lab is a program based on the Orton-Gillingham/Hill Center methodology and runs weekly with a yearlong commitment and financial contract.

No, you will be not be charged for days we are not in school. However, you will be charged for LRC sessions if your child is not in school and the tutor is not contacted before 8:00 am.

LRC sessions are scheduled on an as needed basis. The Reading and Writing Lab is a year long commitment. 

Yes, by reinforcing concepts learned in the classroom and helping the students maintain their averages. Students may also attend for homework support, test preparation, and help completing projects and reports.

Students may attend programs in the Academic Success Center for enrichment in math, reading, or another chosen area.

Yes, speech services through Nash Rocky Mount Schools by a licensed speech therapist are offered free for those that qualify. Contact Susan Morgan, Director of Student Services, for more information about this service.





Director of Student Services, Susan Morgan