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Media Office


Wondering what exactly the Media Office is?

This school year, 2021-2022, will be the seventh year that the Rocky Mount Academy Social Media Office has been operating. This class is responsible for daily social media updates via Instagram and Twitter, weekly editions of the school newspaper, and a promotional video to be released at the conclusion of the school year.
Keeping up to date in the digital realm, all the Rocky Mount Academy social networking accounts are controlled and monitored by Media Office students. Through Instagram and Twitter, the Media Office aims to keep students informed and up to date on all aspects of life at Rocky Mount Academy. We believe that social media has the ability to connect us as a student body and enables us to become a closer-knit community, therefore making it a priority. 
In addition to posts and tweets, the Media Office releases weekly editions to the online school newspaper, the Eagle Examiner. Scheduled to be updated every week, the newspaper will cover at least one story from the following categories: student life, news, and opinion. With a focus on keeping the student body informed in between yearbooks, the Eagle Examiner’s chief objective is to be run for the students, by the students.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any particular events that you would like to see featured on our social media accounts, in the Eagle Examiner, or in our promotional video.