Head of Upper School

After beginning my teaching career 31 years ago at Rocky Mount Senior High, I am happy to return to the high school level as the Head of Upper School at RMA. I have been fortunate to work at the high school, community college, college, and university levels of education. The pursuit of excellence in all areas of the arts and sciences at RMA is what made me want to become a part of the Rocky Mount Academy family. Please contact me if I can help!

Email:  ttucker@rmacademy.com  
Phone:  252-443-4126  Ext. 228
Rocky Mount Academy strives to prepare students for the challenges they will face in life and college. Upper School students are taught to look inside themselves to discover strengths and values that guide them in making good choices in their academic pursuits, in their personal relationships, and in their world citizenship.
It is through our academically rigorous classes that students receive both the challenge and support needed to be successful in college and beyond. Rocky Mount Academy also offers opportunities for students with exceptional aptitude and motivation to advance beyond the scope of the typical college-preparatory curriculum through honors and Advanced Placement classes.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

At the heart of the Upper School are the relationships built between students and teachers.Upper School teachers are available before and after school, during lunch, during study hall and flex period, or by appointment for any extra help students may need. Teachers also serve as mentors, club sponsors, and coaches for the wide variety of extra-curricular activities and sports available.

Students are also encouraged through our advisory program to work with their teachers on setting personal goals, creating an individual learning profile, taking on leadership roles, working in groups to solve complex problems, and discovering what it means to be global citizens.  

Involvement in the Community

One of the many ways Rocky Mount Academycombines its well-known qualities of academic excellence with an emphasis on education for character and citizenship is through community service. Upper school students participate in a variety of community efforts­ through participation in clubs and service groups, and in grades 9-12, by completing required service hours. Visiting the elderly, working with the handicapped, supporting recycling projects, and responding to a host of human service needs in our community are just a few of the ways that our students learn they can and do make a difference in the world.

Clubs and Activities-Something For Everyone

Whether a student is interested in art, drama, journalism, student government or foreign cultures, there are clubs and activities to meet everyone's needs at Rocky Mount Academy. Preside over the student government, travel with the French and Spanish clubs to Europe, sing in the spring musical, or test your intellectual skills through the Brain Game; the possibilities are endless!

Graduation Requirements

The following academic requirements are established and regularly reviewed to serve as guidelines for meeting the stated academic mission of Rocky Mount Academy.  They are based in part on college admissions requirements.  In the areas of mathematics and history, our requirements exceed the minimum for the state university system.
  • 4 units of English
  • 4 units of Mathematics, including Geometry, Algebra II, and a course beyond Algebra II
  • 3 units of Science, including a life science, a physical science, and a laboratory science
  • 3 units of History, including US History
  • 2 units of Foreign Language taken in high school
  • 1 course in Mathematics must be taken each year
  • 1 course each in Computer Applications and Communications
  • Participation in the TOLLS program each year
  • A Grade Point Average (GPA) of 77 or above
  • 23 total units, minimum
  • Satisfactory completion of all service hours
  • Satisfactory completion of summer reading requirements
Beyond these graduation requirements, certain specific course requirements exist for the 9th and 10th grades.