Forty years ago, at a point when Rocky Mount was experiencing rapid growth from new business and industry, a group of businessmen thought it was the right time for Rocky Mount to launch a school that focused on a singular group -- students looking for a challenging education specifically designed to get them ready to attend college and then become leaders in their chosen fields and the communities in which they lived.
Thus, on October 25, 1968, Rocky Mount Academy was founded as an independent, tuition-based school with the mission to "prepare its students for the challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities that they will encounter in life and college." And the rest is history. Over the ensuing four decades, more than 95% of our graduates have gone on to college after having acquired skills and education that helped them to succeed in these institutions of higher education as well as the jobs that they later held.

Our Mission has never changed because it is still as appropriate today as it was then. Our thriving area is full of families who see the inherent value of an independent school education and of one in which their children are being educated along side other children who are on the same college-bound track. With a faculty that is truly dedicated to the lifelong success of each one of these students, the leaders of the mid-21st century being educated here now are having a life-changing experience --- the Rocky Mount Academy Experience.


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Three Core Values

Rocky Mount Academy has, at its core, three values that we are proud to uphold as of utmost importance to us. In turn, we hope that the students who pass through our doors will, by virtue of their experience here, want to inwardly accept them as underpinnings of their lives going forward.


Rocky Mount Academy believes it is important to provide an academic environment where students can learn and develop higher order thinking and problem- solving skills for life and college. We work with our students so that they may progress beyond simply knowing information or memorizing facts to analyzing, synthesizing, and applying their knowledge effectively.

From pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, we strive to have our students become increasingly independent with a growing understanding and appreciation of their individual style of learning.


Rocky Mount Academy believes that strong character values, such as respect, responsibility, and integrity, are essential elements to a successful future for each of our students. Respect for oneself and others is fundamental to all of our interactions at school. To act with responsibility, meeting one’s obligations and demanding the best from oneself, enhances our students’ self-esteem and self-confidence. Integrity is the act of knowing oneself and acting in congruence with one’s values. Each of these character values is necessary in the life of Rocky Mount Academy.


Rocky Mount Academy believes that it is a part of a much broader civic, national, and worldwide community. Our students should learn to understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures and beliefs that are represented in our ever-shrinking world. This recognition of differences at every level, from the student on one’s right to the citizen halfway around the world, will enhance our academic community and prepare our students for life and college. Faculty, students, and parents should interact with care and respect based on the values and goals that we share.